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Jeannes new pig!

November 27 2010.

On Thanksgiving Jeanne recieved a present that was a pig. Jeanne was given the pig from Jim. The pig was a potbelly pig and it was very small. The pig had to wait upstairs in the bathroom until it was time for Jeanne to see her present. all of the children knew about the pig and tried their hardest not to tellJeanne. The potbelly pig stayed in a 2ft long by 1ft in width cardboard box. In the box you would see a food bowl, a pig, and a bunch of ripped up newspaper. The pig was constantly checked on by both children and adults. When it was finally time to show Jeanne her birthday present all the kids went wild. Once Jeanne finally saw the pig her eyes filled with joy, she loved her birthday present. Jeanne said, "I thought something was going on because all the kids seemed to remember my birthday!" After Jeanne held her new pig anyone else who also wanted to did. When everyone was done holding the pig Jeanne held the pig again. When the pig went back into the cardboard box Jeanne and the kids started looking for food the pig could eat. They didnt find much but they did feed him grains and vegtables. Once the pig was feed they started thinking of a name for him but their were just too many choices and they couldnt decide. That is the story of how Jeanne got a pig for her birthday!


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