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Nicole Does It Again!

March 23 2011.

Nicole completed her successful Powell 7th grade vollyball season (6-6) with an exciting, nail biting victory over the first place Romeo Bulldogs (10-2). The scores were 20-25, 25-22 and 26-24. Nicole played every minute of all 3 games and was a force at the net, made multiple excellent set shots and delivered several key serves. Nicole served the final pressure packed 3 pivitol points for the come from behind victory in front of a large crowd at Romeo High School. The final point of the game featured an exceptional rally with both teams making great plays but with Nicole's Powell Bull Dogs coming out on top. Clearly Nicole's coach, Nicoles teammates, the opposing coach and the fans took note of her play. The opposing coach chastised her team that "the big brunette at the net was gonna keep smashing it down on them if they didn't hit away from her". Great job Nicole on learning a new sport and all the practices and effort you did this season. It really paid off!


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