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Nat gets a Flat

La, la, la, la, la,la, laaa..... ouch! The day Natalie Nowak fractures her ankle. It was a beautiful day at the Romeo Community Center right after a tying game 8 -8 Natalie was running around enjoying herself while her dad was talking to and old friend of his. Natalie was running through a skatepark(with cleats on) then crack, Natalie falls in pain,gets carried to the car, goes home, limps to bed and her mom decides lets put frozen veggies on this.(hehe) The next morning Nat cant walk,ankle is all swollen, so she doesnt go to school. We go to 3 docters,1 sucked,the 2nd gave me a cast and found the fracture,the 3rd we havent went to yet. Today Nat has her Flat. She has crutches and a pretty blue cast waiting for you to sign and she cannot play sports for (if were lucky)6 weeks. Wish her luck and thats the story of how Nat gets a Flat.(I also missed the fifth grade Lock In and i missed Fun day but i made it to graduation,i hope this will heel soon and ill be back on my feet in no time.)

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