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Nicole Wins Basketball MVP Award in Heroic Effort

March 20 2010.

Nicole's basketball team put out a heroic effort in her basketball tournament Saturday (3/20/2010) being edged in the final seconds 17-14. They finished the regular season 9-0.

Despite having only 5 players (3 players absent thus no substitutes the entire game), missing their 2 leading scorers (combined 20 point, 13 steals per game), having a player who just got out of bed this morning after having the flu for three days, Nicoles team led or was within a point up until the final few seconds. They were exhausted at the end.

But the real story of the game was Nicole. Nicole scored 8 points, got at least 12-15 rebounds, stole the ball several times, was diving on the floor for loose balls, led her team and played her heart out right until the end. Her coach, teammates, opposing team and spectators all took notice and were amazed. Her coach awarded her as the definite MVP of the game. She was the best player on the floor for either team and carried her team.

Needless to say her parents are very PROUD!



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